About me

I am not a professional chef and I do not work in the restaurant business. I am maintaining my amateur status just in case the Olympic team calls. OK, I know there isn’t an Olympic cooking team, but the point is that I am not in this to make a living.  So how did I learn to cook? Mostly, I was hungry…so I cooked.  I enjoy cooking great food and sharing it with other people.  I like to make as much of everything from scratch as I can.  Sometimes I think that is just the challenge of it that I enjoy.  Cooking is also my creative outlet in life.  I really enjoy coming up with my own recipes, or figuring out how to make something with just the ingredients we have in the pantry.

Enjoy the Food!


Have a question, or just want to send me a note?

Feel free to send me an email: Ace@grinandcookit.com

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